Artist Statement
My practice is based on exploring the nature of the photographic; the construction, understanding and presence of images. I investigate this with place in mind, the landscape that exists outdoors but also that created through the historical visualisation of the medium.

The work incorporates three different ways of registering the world around us; an intuitive response to everyday places or iconic locations; following strict logical ways of navigating and looking at the landscape; and a direct appropriation and transformation of practices and art works of established practitioners. By interweaving these approaches, the resulting images, maps and documents aim to provide alternative views into the act of photographing, traversing and remembering the landscape, whilst also re-engaging a dialogue with how others have presented the world.
2011   B.A (Hons) 1st Class, Fine Art Photography, Glasgow School of Art
2012   Fields of Search, Barnaby Festival Visual Arts Trail, Macclesfield >
2009   Glasgow's Secret Geometry - Carmyle to Crookston, 10.25 miles, Centre for Local Economic Strategies, Manchester  
2012   Allery Gallery, Manchester >
    Ffotogallery Books Arts Fayre, Penarth >
2011   ‘I don’t know where the image is’, Glasgow School of Art, Undergraduate Degree Show, Glasgow  
2010   Revelry V, Toronto  
2009   This Box is All Yours, Manchester  
    Fault Lines, WASP Studios, Glasgow  
2008   On Me Turn, Newbury Gallery, Glasgow  
2007   Everything Equally, Touchstones, Rochdale  
PUBLICATIONS (*denotes image)
2009   New Start Magazine * - ''Geometry Homework' , review by Neil McInroy  
2011   Redeye Hothouse, Manchester >
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